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About Us

We create great memories with interactive staff, fun props, great looking backdrops and our unique open style photobooths. Enjoy close up moments with someone special or grab a group and have a crowd shot, with our unique open style photobooths you're not limited. We'll fit in almost any size venue and the design and look of the booth and backdrop won't overpower the rooms decor. It's also very simple to change the design of both the booths and backdrops so you can have something truly unique and personal whether it's for a private function, Wedding or corporate event.

Photobooths should be fun and create hilarious moments, you'll want to hold onto those memories forever which is why every event includes all the digital images for you to keep. We can also print photos, whether you would like guests to take home a souvenir, hand out branded images for marketing purposes or invite guests to add them to a guestbook for a truly personal keepsake.

We use professional grade photography studio equipment from the lighting to the lens and printer to the props, there's no cutting back when it comes to creating memorable moments and capturing great photos.



"Great service from start to finish"

"Guests had so much fun I didn't see it empty all night."

"It looks so great and tidy, doesn't take up lots of space and we love the photos we got from it."

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Our trained staff will setup the Photobooth, Backdrop (venue permitting) and Props. Guests can get involved and capture as many photos as they like which will all be stored onto a memory stick for you to keep. You're then welcome to print as many as you like however you like. You can post on social media and even delete unflattering photos. This is a great package to get all the photobooth fun without the waste.

Options & Packages

Our trained staff will setup the Photobooth, Backdrop (venue permitting) and Props.  For three hours our staff will encourage guests to get involved and capture great images whilst having lots of fun. Guests will get a print of their session to keep and we can even instantly print an extra print for your guest book. You'll also get every photo digitally saved onto a memory stick to keep.

Get unlimited photobooth fun with our all day service. Guests can take as many photos as they wish all day long giving you the opportunity to capture hundreds of images. With options to allow guests to share to social media or email to themselves. You'll then get all digital images to keep at the end of the day. This is great for all day weddings, marketing campaigns and product launches.

We can personalise every aspect of our photobooth experience. The booth itself can be redesigned to incorporate your decor, theme, brand, logo etc. We can tailor design the backdrop too. You can have a bespoke designed print design on all the images. We can create bespoke audio cues. Want themed props? No problem. Just tell us your requirements and we'll come up with the solutions.

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